Degenerative Disc Disease Treatment in Marina Del Rey


Degenerative disc disease is a spinal condition typically accompanied by old age. It occurs from changes on the spinal disc due to the process of aging or traumatic injury to the back. These discs can lose fluid, making them less flexible. Unfortunately, as we grow old our intervertebral disc loses their elasticity, flexibility, and ability to absorb shock. Degenerative disc disease can vary in severity and location, though it typically manifests in the lumbar and neck regions of the spine.

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Marina Del Rey Degenerative Disc Disease

What are the Symptoms of Degenerative Disc Disease?

Symptoms of degenerated disc disease include pain around the neck, which often radiates towards the back of the shoulder blades, tingling, numbness, and, at times, difficulty walking.

Muscle weaknesses are felt at a later stage in the process of degenerative, which can be a sign that the disease is relatively more serious.


Degenerative disc treatment in Marina Del Rey deals with the disease first through conservative methods. These treatments include physical therapy and steroid injections. Surgery is often a last resort, but minimally invasive procedures can effectively treat a condition quickly with less time of recovery.

Types of degenerative disc disease treatment include the following:


Medication treatments include muscle relaxants, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, and analgesics.

Exercise options

Various types of exercises are prescribed as a form of degenerative disc disease treatment, depending on the diagnosis of the patient. Floor exercises  consist of modified sit-ups, abdominal bracing, seat lifts, sag exercises, extension exercises and hamstring stretches. They are mostly good for relieving the muscular tension which may aggravate the back pain.


Steroid injections are mostly used for therapeutic purposes. The dosage and type varies widely. The response to epidural injections varies and most of the authorities believe that injections are only for a short term period. In case a favorable response is registered, not more than 4 injections are given.

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Marina Del Rey recommends surgical options in cases where the disc presses on the spinal cord. A microdiscectomy can be carried out in order to get rid of the damaged area and to offer pain relief. A laminectomy goes along with this operation as a way of gaining access to the disc; this will involve removal of the bony protection that surrounds the disc.

It is important for people to explore these options in case they have degenerative disc disease.

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Can Botox Help Treat Anal Fissures?


Fissures in the anus are caused by tears in the lining of the rectum and can cause pain and discomfort during bowel movements. The condition tends to affect men and women equally, and can affect anyone across age ranges and demographics. Many cases heal on their own over time and respond to topical over-the-counter treatments, but in situations where the fissures do not heal on their own in a timely manner (anywhere around six weeks is the common standard,) patients may need to seek treatment from a colorectal surgeon for medication or surgical options.

The expert colorectal surgeons provide patients with expert treatment for anal bleeding in Beverly Hills and other colorectal conditions, utilizing a wide range of innovative treatment and options and symptom management.

Anal Bleeding Beverly Hills

Anal Fissure Symptoms

The most common symptoms are pain and bleeding during bowel movements, but it is possible to have painless fissures as well. Some of the most common causes of anal fissures include the following:

  • Hard stool and constipation
  • Chronic diarrhea
  • Childbirth
  • Secondary medical conditions such as: Chron’s disease, inflammatory bowel disease, and sometimes cancer, HIV, tuberculosis, and syphilis.
  • Fistulas near the anus
  • Foreign body insertion

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How Does Botox Help to Treat Fissures of the Anus?

Botox is a non-surgical alternative for recurring or difficult to heal anal fissures that can deliver significant pain management and relief for an estimated 60 – 80% of patients for as long as six months. The shots are applied directly to the internal anal sphincter in an outpatient procedure that generally takes about 30 minutes, and allows patients to go home the same day after a short recovery period that generally lasts around an hour.

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Endoscopic Spine Surgery


Endoscopic spine surgery is a cutting-edge, minimally invasive surgical technique that utilizes the most advanced medical equipment to help a surgeon perform careful, precise surgery through the smallest incisions possible. Minimally invasive spine surgery has many benefits, including less scarring because of the small size of the incisions, less blood loss, less risk of complications and infection, and less recovery time needed.

Endoscopic Spine Surgery Los Angeles

Spine Surgery in Los Angeles

Leading spine surgeon Dr. Gravori performs the best endoscopic spine surgery in Los Angeles at ProMed Spine. Dr. Gravori is a board-certified, expert spine surgeon who always puts his patients first. He is a pioneer in minimally invasive endoscopic spine surgery, and is always looking for ways to make his patients’ experiences better.

Endoscopic spine surgery can be used to treat a wide variety of spinal conditions, including degenerative disc disease, herniated discs, spinal tumors and deformities, and spinal stenosis. While not all patients are eligible for endoscopic spine surgery, whenever possible it is the surgical method of choice because of its myriad benefits. In the past, open back surgery was the only method to treat spinal conditions. This surgery required large incisions and took hours to perform. In contrast, endoscopic spine surgery can be performed much more quickly, and patients are usually able to go home the same day as the surgery.

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Recovery from endoscopic spine surgery takes much less time than standard open back surgery. Recovery time will vary by patient, but in some cases patients are able to return to work and daily activities within a few weeks. Other patients will require a few months of limited activity. Dr. Gravori will always have an in-depth discussion with his patients in which he is up front about the type of surgery that would be best as well as how long the recovery period will be.

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Botox for Forehead Wrinkles


The forehead is one of the areas of the face most prominently affected by wrinkles. These wrinkles can add years to the face, and when particularly deep, can make a person seem perennially upset.

Botox is a well-known and effective treatment for these forehead wrinkles. Cosmetic Laser Dermatology performs the best Botox injections in San Diego to treat forehead wrinkles. Wrinkles are caused by muscle contractions, and over the years as more contractions happen the wrinkles get deeper. Botox works by disrupting the nerve signals that cause the muscles to contract, thus preventing the formation of wrinkles. The relaxation of the muscles in turn allows existing wrinkles to smooth out.

Botox Injections San Diego

Eliminating Forehead Wrinkles With Botox

Smoothing the wrinkles on the forehead can create a younger, calmer expression. Deep wrinkles, especially on the forehead and between the eyebrows, often cause an unintentional upset or angry expression. By reducing these wrinkles, a person need no longer deal with an expression that doesn’t match their mood.

Botox is an entirely safe procedure when done by an experienced, board-certified dermatologist. It is a quick procedure, making it ideal for those who have a busy schedule. Botox procedures can be done over your lunch break, and require no downtime. The procedure itself is also virtually pain-free when performed by a dermatologist experienced in performing Botox injections. Botox requires no anesthesia, although a patient may ask for a topical numbing cream if so desired.

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Botox can also be combined with various dermal fillers in order to achieve more complete results. Botox in combination with dermal fillers and skin tighteners is called a liquid facelift, and is an increasingly popular option for people who can’t commit to a procedure such as a surgical facelift that requires days or weeks of downtime.

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Scared of the Dentist Chair? You Shouldn’t Be!


Dental anxiety and phobia can be debilitating. Individuals suffering from this fear can experience its symptoms so strongly that it prevents them from seeking adequate care. This can cause minor dental and oral problems to become serious issues. People with severe fear of the dentist often don’t seek care until it is a medical emergency. These fears do not need to be such a hindrance with the accommodation of sedation dentistry.

Charlotte Dentist

How to Prevent Dental Fear

About three out of four patients report having some level of dental fear, and about half are classified as having dental phobia. The best way to seek out treatment for this fear is to talk out your feelings with a dental professional. If your fear level is considered severe enough, a dentist might prescribe oral medications to take before the procedure. These anti-anxiety medicines can give you a feeling of relaxation upon entering the dentist’s office.

Another form of therapy for these fears is talking through the entire procedure in detail. Ask the dentist what will happen during your procedure, step by step. Ask what the pain level for each step will be, and what each tool sounds like. Knowing what to expect can offer a patient a sense of control. Many people are simply afraid of not knowing what’s coming next. Removing the element of surprise might not get rid of all the fear, but it could provide enough of a boost to get through the procedure.

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If you suffer from dental fear or phobia, look for the best Charlotte dentist who cares about getting through the fear with you. At the Charlotte Center for Cosmetic Dentistry, an expert dentist is happy to offer sedation dentistry options for all procedures. Dr. Broome is happy to guide you through each procedure, and provide you with the care you need.

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Surgical Options For Treating Lung Cancer


The most effective weapons in the fight against lung cancer are early diagnosis and cutting edge treatment. All across the nation, lung cancer specialists and surgeons strive to provide patients with the best care possible, and to give the patients an edge in their fight against the disease.

Lung Cancer Surgery

VATS Lobectomy

Video Assisted Thoracic Surgery (VATS) is the operation of choice when treating lung cancer internally. Typical thoracic surgery requires a long incision (around 10-15 cm). During a traditional surgery for lunch cancer, a surgeon must also cut through the muscles of the chest wall and crack open the rib cage. VATS works a little differently. During VATS, a surgeon makes a series of small incisions (1-3 cm), called ports. An endoscopic camera is inserted into the ports, allowing the doctor to bypass the rib cage without spreading the bones apart. This gives your surgeon full access to the lungs and allows the patients a much faster and easier recovery after surgery.

VATS is not for every type of lung cancer. At this point, it is restricted to stage one. The tumor or tumors must be less than 6cm in size. Your doctor will also require a basic pulmonary functionality test. If you qualify for each of these requirements, then VATS might be the perfect option for you.

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If you’d like to learn more about the best lung cancer surgery in Los Angeles, contact the West Coast Associates for Minimally Invasive Thoracic Surgery. At this center, expert doctors and lung cancer specialists can help patients throughout all stages of the disease, providing appropriate treatment and help along the way.